Material Types

Snap Labels uses state-of-the-art, industry-standard equipment to create high-quality custom labels and stickers.

Our Label Materials

White BOPP Labels

White BOPP labels are the industry standard and are suitable for most applications. White BOPP labels are made from polypropylene material and have a permanent adhesive that will adhere to most surfaces. BOPP is unaffected by water and oils and is great for food, beverage, bath, and body products.

Chrome (Silver) BOPP Labels

Chrome (Silver) BOPP or sometimes referred to as metallic BOPP, has the same water and oil-resistant properties as white BOPP. But with a “mirror-like” look of shiny chrome, this material can add some unique effects to your labels.

Gloss Paper Labels

Our glossy paper material is designed to be a cost-effective, short-term option for your label needs. It is paper-based with a high-gloss white finish.

Uncoated Paper Labels

This is a great option where a slightly textures finished is desired. Being a paper stock label is not water-resistance or as durable as white BOPP. Great for writing on, but not suitable for lamination.

White Vinyl

Our white vinyl is thicker than the BOPP and is most suitable for outdoor applications where greater strength and durability are needed, or where lengthy outdoor exposure to the elements is the issue. This material is great for stickers that need to be cut into individual stickers.

Our Lamination Materials

High Gloss

High gloss is the most popular laminate. It is the least expensive option and provides production from ink smudges and scratches while offering a high gloss shiny finish.


The matte lamination provides your label with a dull, non-glossy finish. This finish helps to reduce the appearance of dirt, scratches and gives the label a more “natural” look.

UV Outdoor Gloss

Same as the high gloss lamination; however, it is thicker and designed for the outdoors. Offer the best UV resistance possible. This option is paired with our white vinyl to create the most durable outdoor sticker possible.

UV Outdoor Matte

Same as our matte lamination, with the characteristics of our UV Outdoor Gloss lamination.